Friday, 25 May 2012

The Wee Boy Number One

I should have started this blog 18months ago but hey is as good a time as any...the wee boy is off for a nap and I am sitting in the sunshine with M.R. (my bigger boy )and have just painted the toe nails and had a cuppa so thought I would have a wee natter on here.

Eighteen months ago the wee boy entered our world and life has never been the same some point I will get the Grandad to post some early pics as Granny here isn't the slightest bit technical and I am sure if the blog continues on the wee boy will probably be able to put the pics on himself.

I often wonder if I bore folk to death with my nattering on about the wee boy...nearly all my FBook status  and comments are all about the wee boy but I cant seem to stop myself from sharing about his funny bits. The Grandad and I have the immense privilege of caring for him when mummy goes off to work or babysitting when his parents go out or away and we get to share him so much that I want to share the joy and fun with others.

In saying that I am also aware that many Grandparents don't have the same kind of daily contact and have to rely on and Skype to keep them going in between visits whereas we get to see the wee boy most I apologise in advance and pray you have many more opportunities to see your grandchildren as much as possible in days to come .

I wont go into into too much from the last 18 months as way too much but will start from today.....So....

Grandad bought him a cheap plastic house for the garden...really cheap ...if the wee boy was a bit bigger he could probably pick it up and move it around so that gives you an idea of how flimsy and cheap it is. But so far he loves it....he is in and out not just the door but the windows too....Grandad decides to buy a doorbell and stick it on the door way....Yesterday the wee boy comes in with a battery for me and methinks...hhm,mmnnn??? where did that come from....oh yes...the Grandad fixes it all back on and heads off to work....ten minutes later in walks the wee boy with the entire doorbell in his that didn't work either....this morning so far the "super no more nails" kind of glue seems to have worked and doorbell is still attached to house.

Now of course he is pressing it every ten seconds and I have just realised it plays The William Tell Overture.!! Now those of you who know the wee boy will remember he does a particular version of what the mummy and daddy call The Bum I have just spent ten minutes laughing hysterically at the wee boy doing The Bum Dance to The William Tell Overture while next doors pooches go crackers!! As well as The Bum Dance he has also got a crazy kinda footwork going on which is totally out of step with his I am completely undone by this and hooting with laughter while the big boy is rocking back and forward on the swing sniggering and saying "tell Grandad ....go on phone Grandad and tell him "

Just before the wee boy went off to bed I once more begin to think he doesn't yet understand that his mind and brain are really way too advanced for his see he hasn't really grown much in the last few months so is still quite "wee" and has got his daddy's wee short legs but he thinks he is way bigger than he actually is....this causes him to aim high....nothing wrong with that I hear you all think...but when it means he climbs into and out of the cosy coupe car through every orifice EXCEPT the door it can cause slight physical difficulty..At just the moment I had finished painting my toe nails I saw from the corner of my eye a wee boy project himself out of what is the equivalent of the front windscreen of the said cosy coupe and land sideways with his feet tangled in the steering wheel....I will be forgiven for not leaving him in this position whilst running to get a camera so I can actually show you just how funny it looked.!!

In between me wheezing with laughter and trying to stop the wet varnish on the toes from blotching (these things are important to Grannys ) and the big boy up on his feet to help out it turned into a sort of Keystone Cops minute as I untangled his feet...both shoes coming off in the process and got him upright again. What has he learned through this....not a lot as he then climbed back into car via the boot and proceeded to look at me as if to say..."what's the fuss Granny "

I hope I don't bore you to death with this blog....feel free to read..giggle..comment ...pass on ... share...follow... ..subscribe to email...or ignore..